Friday, March 19, 2010

Awesome Things Volume IX

A really good rock and roll concert. I went to Freedom Hall last Saturday night to see a John Mayer concert. He's been in the press lately for giving a really bad interview in Playboy magazine. However, he can be a great musician. Saturday he proved it. He put on a great show that really highlighted his guitar virtuosity. I will be seeing him again this summer at a music festival in Chicago. Even the opening act, Michael Franti and Spearhead, put on a great show. They are a reggae influenced band that one friend said reminded him of the Black Eyed Peas. They were so good that the headliner, John Mayer, was under a lot of pressure to upstage them. All in all it was a great night out with friends. The music rocked, everyone had fun, and my musical addiction was temporarily satisfied. Even better, it was a Saturday night and I got to sleep in on Sunday.

My Keurig coffee maker. A few months ago my wife bought me a new coffee maker. The Kuerig coffee maker is the current rage for coffee lovers. It only makes one cup at a time but it is a perfect cup. I am enjoying a cup as I write this. It also can make tea and hot chocolate. I have a basket at home with a collection of different medium and dark roast coffees, a variety of teas, and hot chocolate. I wish I had another one of these coffee makers on my desk at work. I could really use a cup of strong, dark roast at this moment. Of course, if I had one on my desk there would probably be a line of people each morning waiting for the daily dose of java.

Spring! Saturday is the first day of spring. I doubt if there is anyone who is not looking forward to this change of seasons. This past winter had more snow and cold days than I can remember in recent years. By Kentucky standards it has been a tough winter. The bulbs that I have planted in my yard have already begun to bloom. Any day now I expect to see the daffodils out on the interstate. There are already buds on the trees in the park. Soon, when I least expect it, I will have a moment of awareness when I suddenly realize that the natural world around me is slowly turning green as it does every year at this time. I'm sure there are people who are already chomping at the bit to load up their cars and trucks with mulch, flowers and grass seed.

Renewal and Remodeling. After living in my home for 23 years, and raising two children from boys to men, my home is getting a much needed updating and remodeling. I live in the house that my wife was raised in. The first time I went on a date with her, way back in 1973, she was living in this house with her parents. The house is approximately 50 years old so my house and my body are in equal states of decline. Thanks to the generosity of my wife's parents, who are deceased, we can now afford to do the things we are doing. I have lived in this house longer than I have lived anywhere else. It is good to see it fixed up. When all the work is completed I will feel like I have a new house and that is something I have never had. When the house is finished maybe I can move on to my body and get hair transplants, lasik surgery on my eyes, a hip replacement and new knees.

My granddaughter. Chloe never fails to bring a smile to my face. When I got home from the monastery last night my wife informed me that Chloe's teacher wrote a note to my son and daughter in law. Chloe's class was supposed to draw a picture related to St. Patrick's Day. Apparently Chloe turned in a picture of a Leprechaun with a vagina. How can I not love this child?

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