Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Simple Day Doing Simple Things

Yesterday I took a day off from work in the office so I could spend a day doing work at home. Although most of my day involved various chores, it was a very enjoyable day. I woke up at my usual workday time and got out of bed. After spending a brief period of time reading the newspaper and drinking my morning coffee, I started on my chores. For many years I have wanted to replace all my cheap bookshelves and CD racks with something of a better quality and substance. With all of the work going on at my house, getting some new shelves was one of my few personal requests. The son of my brother in law is a carpenter. I gave him a basic design and he built me some beautiful solid oak shelves. They were delivered and installed on Monday and are everything I hoped they would be. Part of my day yesterday was spent putting my very large music collection and a lot of my books on these shelves. Since I am a little OCD all of my CD's are in alphabetical and chronological order. For me it was a labor of love. When my sons were boys they would sometimes take one of my CD's and put it out of place just to annoy me. Sometimes it would take me weeks or months to even notice and occasionally I would think it had mysteriously gotten lost. As I have said many times, I am a classic introvert. Give me my own space and fill it with books, music, a comfortable chair, a nice view, fresh coffee, and I am as happy as I can be. Sometimes I am so happy in my solitude that I feel a little guilty. I also accomplished a few other tasks so I was not very happy when my wife came home and said, "I can't see where you've done anything". Comments like this help me to understand the high rate of divorce in this country. Prior to her comment, I was having a very good day. It was a simple day doing simple things that gave me a lot of simple joy. I stayed focused throughout the day and this is a challenge for me. When I was tired, I took short breaks. When I was hungry, I ate something. When I was done doing all I was going to do, I rested. A day home alone is always enjoyable for me.

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