Thursday, May 13, 2010

Awesome Things Volume XVII

College graduations. Five of my nieces and nephews graduated from college this past weekend and a couple of them, including my son, completed their first year of graduate school. I think all of them are either continuing their educations or will be starting internships. Education is its own reward even if it doesn't make you the big bucks. Education, if you do it right, opens your mind and brings you, not only knowledge, but enlightenment. As you grow older, and you continue your education through living, you also acquire wisdom. The combination of education, knowledge, and wisdom, is very powerful. You are never too old to learn. I am 59 years old and I am still learning. Hopefully I am also a little wiser than I was in my youth.

Kitchens and other things we take for granted. At this moment in time I have no kitchen. Every appliance is gone and every cabinet has been ripped out. It is just a shell of a room. I cannot cook or wash the dishes. Everything else that would be part of the kitchen is now in the dining room. Did I mention that my first floor bathroom is also missing? The new sink and toilet are in the living room along with all the coats, hats, scarfs, and gloves from the closet in the hallway. The ceiling in the closet had to be repaired from a leak caused by the bathroom directly above it. The laundry room is also a disaster area. To say that my home life is chaos would be an understatement. One sign of progress is the beginning of a new privacy fence in my backyard. When it is completed I think I will add a small Zen garden with a Buddha statute and some gnomes for the amusement of my granddaughter. Trying to get some insight into this whole home remodeling thing, I found an obscure scripture passage that you may not have seen before.

"God made man and rested. God made woman and no one has rested since".

Most people sooner or later realize that it's the small things in life that make us happy or give us joy. For me this morning it was a sausage and egg biscuit from McDonald's. The lack of a kitchen has greatly affected my ability to eat at home so I stopped at McDonald's this morning and purchased a biscuit and coffee. As my father used to say, "It really hit the spot".

Waking up on a Thursday and realizing that it's your Friday. I had this experience this morning. Today is my Friday and I am thrilled. Other than weekends I haven't had a day off in a while. I usually need a reason and tomorrow's no different. I'm having some appliances delivered. The best day's off are the days when you don't really have a reason. You are taking the day off because you can. It is a day where you will sleep late and then leisurely drink coffee and read the morning newspaper. About 10:00 AM you take your first nap. When you wake up you stare out the window for a while before you finally take a shower. After that you might go to a bookstore, antiques store, or whatever else suits you. When you get home you take another nap before going out to dinner. When you get home from dinner, you change your clothes, sit in your chair, stair out the window some more, and then take your final nap of the day.

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