Monday, May 24, 2010

Awesome Things Volume XVIII

Three day weekends. Almost every weekend I find myself thinking, "If I just had one more day". All weekends are wonderful and I know everyone looks forward to them. However, I think we will all agree that an extra day makes a huge difference. That extra day makes you feel like you really had some time off. Most weekends I am running and doing and feeling busy. They rarely feel like a time of rest. Having the extra day seems to slow the weekend down and when it's over you feel at least somewhat refreshed.

Having a home. Everyone knows my home is trashed right now and life is a little chaotic for me. Still....I have a home. I saw two homeless men on the way to work this morning. One was sleeping on the sidewalk outside the White Castle. Seeing these men reminded me to be grateful for all the good things I have and the bad things I don't have. Most days I live with an attitude of gratefulness but sometimes I need a reminder of how blessed I am. Like all human beings I sometimes whine. I am almost always embarrassed later when I realize I've been whining. What do I have to whine about? I live better than most of the people on earth. So do you. Let's all be grateful today for all that we have and all that we are spared.

The Simple Life. Even though I have had some success in life and I have acquired some material things, I have found that it is the simple life that make me happiest. My goal at this stage of my journey is to make my life as simple and uncomplicated as possible. This is easier said than done. Modern life is complex and stressful. It is a real challenge to live a simple life. I am not talking about being poor and living in poverty. I am talking about taking and gathering less and letting more go. This refers to obligations as well as having more stuff. Of course I am speaking as a middle aged man. In youth we must build up and gather. In my stage of life you start breaking it down and letting it go. I like stuff as much as anyone but an hour with my granddaughter makes me happier than anything.

Sunshine! Need I say more?

Finding your gift. I read this morning that everyone has a gift. It may not necessarily be artistic but you have something to give. If you don't know what that is yet, here are some clues. How did you come out in the StrengthFinders test? What were your top five strengths? Is there something you enjoy doing so much that when you are doing it you loose track of time? What task gives you great satisfaction? You may be an artist, or a great cook, or a comforting friend to others. Everyone brings something to the party.

Going to the movie with my granddaughter. Over the weekend I took my granddaughter to a movie. I thought we would go see the new Shrek movie but she really wanted to see "How to Train your Dragon". Once there we had to buy popcorn, Sweet Tarts, and Skittles. She sat in her own seat for about five minutes before she looked at me and said, "I want to sit in your lap, Pa Paw". Since movie theaters are often cold, I always take a flannel shirt or sweater along. Before the movie even started, Chloe told me she was cold so we will both ended up using my shirt like a blanket with her arm in one sleeve and my arm in the other. Such moments are what life is all about.

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