Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How We See The World

What is your worldview? I’ve recently read that how you see the world at large depends on how you think and act, what your image of God is, and what you think of the world. If you are a positive, optimistic person you will tend to see the world in a positive and optimistic way. If you are a negative and critical person, I doubt there’s much in the world that pleases you. If you see God as a loving and compassionate God, you will tend to love the world and feel compassion for its people. If you see God as judgmental and punishing, you will tend to be judgmental and unforgiving of the world around you. If you think the world in general is a beautiful place with beautiful people you will tend to notice the beauty of nature and other things, the goodness of people, and the potential for greatness in the things that mankind attempts. If you see the world as a dirty, unforgiving, and hostile place, you will likely be blind to its beauty and goodness. In other words, who we are is what the world will seem to us. Change the way you see things and you change the way they are. One person sees a pile of garbage and another person sees potential for art. One person thinks the world is going to hell in a hand basket and another person sees opportunities for greatness. One person condemns and another forgives. One turns away with a blind eye and another shows compassion. What do you do?

-Today's thoughts are based on reading from a book called “Hope Against Darkness” by Richard Rohr.

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