Thursday, August 18, 2011

Husbands and Wives

My wife and I are very different. My head is in the clouds although I believe my feet are planted firmly on the ground. I’m a dreamer and idealist but I've learned to be practical and logical when I need to be. My wife is like a project manager. She is practical and down to earth. She always has a “to do” list going and is never without an agenda. She’s a detail oriented person who, in her words, “likes to keep her finger on the button”. She totally manages our family and tries to manage me. Once I told her she should cultivate some deeper thoughts. I told her that "those who sail their ship in deep water will never run aground". She replied that "people who stay in the shallow water never drown". When our youngest son decided that he wanted to be a priest my wife and I had dinner with the priest who was handling our son’s application. Before he met us he asked our son what we were like. My son replied, “My Dad will want to talk about spirituality and my Mom will want to know how much it will cost for me to become a priest”. When our children need something, they go to their mother. When they want to know something they come to me. I sometimes wish she would lighten up and she wishes I would get real. Somehow it all works and we have now been married 37 years. There’s many kinds of people in the world and we often end up with people in our lives who are very different from ourselves. Either someone in the universe is playing a cosmic joke on all of us by pairing us up the way they do or there’s a master plan most of us don’t understand.

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connie bentson byler said...

The master plan is what has kept us together,laughing over our own similar picture, for 37 1/2 years, too!