Thursday, August 25, 2011

Too Much Thinking

My mind is usually very active. I am always thinking about something. Sometimes this drives me crazy. Instead of always trying to figure everything out I wish I could just live in ignorant bliss. A couple of nights ago I watched the movie “Forest Gump”. It’s one of my favorite movies and it also has a fantastic soundtrack. Sometimes I would like to be more like Forest. He was a simple man who didn’t over think everything. Instead of trying to understand all the mysteries of the universe, he simply lived. By not trying to live a meaningful life, he lived a very meaningful life by default. Sometimes I think I observe life more than I live it. Introspection is a good thing but you can get lost in it. Because I am self-aware enough to know that I sometimes over think things, I try to balance this out by practicing mindfulness. Sometimes I try to not think and simply be in the moment. Instead of thinking too much about what brand of coffee I want to drink, I try to just smell the coffee, drink the coffee, and taste the coffee. In the world of Zen you walk when you walk, you eat when you eat, you sleep when you sleep. When you are present to what you are doing, you are not thinking about it, you are one with it.

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