Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Cardinal In The Snow

Like many people I was moving a little slow today. Too much Christmas activity, I suppose. I was excited, however, because today we were forecasted to have our first measureable snowfall. It was only supposed to be an inch or less but that's enough to cover the ground. Unfortunately, as of this moment, the snow has not materialized. I love snow. A perfect moment for me would be to be at home on a snowy day. I love to sit in my room with a good book, a cup of coffee, and outside my window, falling snow. The day would be made even better if I had some chicken soup or chili simmering in my crock pot. At some point in my day I would venture into my back yard so I could load up my bird feeder, hoping for a cardinal or two to descend. A bright red cardinal against a snow covered landscape is a beautiful thing. Moments such as these are what I consider Zen moments. They are as perfect as life can be. You can’t really plan them. They just happen and one must enjoy them when they occur.

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