Monday, December 12, 2011

A Nap Delayed

Yesterday was a quiet afternoon. My washing machine was going full tilt. The dryer was humming. My wife was baking cookies and the aroma filled my home. I decided I would take a nap until the dryer buzzer woke me up. As soon as I stretched out on my sofa the telephone rang. It was my oldest son who said, “Dad, would you like a visitor”? I can never say no to a visit from my granddaughter. Sometimes when I receive such a call my son and Chloe are already in my driveway. Soon enough everyone was in my house and my Sunday afternoon nap was a memory. Then my wife and both of my sons decided they had errands to run so I was home alone with Chloe. I spent the next two hours watching “The Santa Clause” and being a servant to the Queen of the Universe. I didn’t mind. It’s two weeks till Christmas and Chloe is full of excitement, anticipation, and questions like “Are all the presents under the tree from you and Meemo since Santa doesn’t bring me stuff until Christmas”? It wasn’t until after dinner that I finally finished the nap I started earlier in the day. It was a good nap, at least until that darn dryer buzzer went off.

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