Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Education And Wisdom

Education gives you knowledge but life gives you wisdom. Many of the people I interview for jobs and some of the people who work with me now are better educated than I am. Their education, however, is just a starting point. It is the foundation on which their life experience will build. I am a strong advocate of education. I think it separates people more than anything, including race or gender. I wish now that I had given my education more attention when I was younger. The experience of life hopefully makes us wiser but that is not guaranteed. Not all older people are wise and not all younger people naive. Wisdom chooses its home. In the Rule of St Benedict, a 1500 year old guidebook for monasteries, the old are told to listen to the young for God often speaks through them. Likewise, the young are told to treat their elders with respect. Those of us who are a little older can learn from the young. It happens to me almost every day at work. Those who are younger should realize that their parents and other older people are not clueless. We've been down many roads in our lives and we have experienced many things that might prove helpful for those who have not yet had these experiences. The bottom line is that you should never should stop learning. To be a truly educated person, you must be open to everything that books and life teaches you and you must remember that education is also more than just having a skill. An educated person is a thinking person who can see the connectedness of life and knowledge.

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