Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are You Awake?

I have often talked about being in the moment. I think everyone understands what that means. However, when you are in the moment, how does that feel? This is how it usually feels to me. When I am truly in the moment, I feel a sense of oneness. In this moment of oneness life seems to make sense. I experience clarity. All the planets seem to be in perfect alignment with the sun. The moment seems eternal. OK, I know all of this sounds a little too cosmic. The reality is that these moments are also very ordinary. What is different between one ordinary moment and a moment of true clarity and union is my sense of awareness. My guess is that all moments are perfect but my awareness of such moments is not. To be a Buddha is to be an “awakened” one. Most of us go through our lives asleep. Yes, we are walking around and we are doing what we need to do but we are really sleepwalkers. We do what we do but often have no real sense of what we are doing. When we are truly in the moment we are in an awakened state. In this sense I want to be a Buddha. I want to be awake for my life. I want life to make sense. Yes, there will always be work and chores and challenges. However, I think if we are awake to them they will not overwhelm us. Are you awake?

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