Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dawn And Dusk

Even though I usually move slowly from my bed each morning when the alarm goes off, I love mornings. I even get up early on the weekends. I am especially loving these beautiful spring mornings when the air is cool and the neighborhood is quiet except for the sounds of birds greeting the dawn. I realized when I got up this morning that I forgot to set out my recycle bin last night. I went into my back yard to get it and it was so peaceful that I just wanted to get a cup of coffee, sit in my lawn chair, and soak it all it. Of course my lawn chair was occupied by a small bird who appeared to think he owned it. My Buddha statue was sitting serenely as always. Under the back porch roof was a pigeon who has recently laid some eggs. She’s been sitting in her nest for a couple of weeks but I haven’t seen any babies yet. Life always seems better in the mornings. It is fresh and open to endless possibilities. The end of the day has a different feel. I am usually tired and occasionally I feel beat up. When I go home the greatest possibility is that I will fall asleep in my chair. Dawn may be my favorite time of the day but I also love dusk when the sun slips under the horizon and the night approaches. If I could just find a way to hide during the whole middle part of the day!

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