Friday, June 08, 2012


Monasteries have something called an enclosure. In some cases this is an actual wall that separates the monastery from everything outside the monastery. At least in the past, when a man or a woman entered a monastery, the attitude was that they were leaving the world behind. In a sense, the wall, or enclosure, was a metaphorical and physical way to be separated from the world. In today’s highly technical world this has become much more challenging because there are now computers in the monastery. We can all have some version of an enclosure in our lives. We can decide, most of the time, who and what we want to allow to enter our personal enclosures. For example, I struggle on a regular basis whether or not I should watch the news, especially the local news. It seems to be totally filled with negative stories about murders, robberies, serial killers, scams, or many other real and imaginary dangers to our lives. I find it all quite depressing. I want to be informed but I don’t want to allow all that negative energy into my life. Imagine that your five senses, especially your sight and your hearing, are like open windows to your home. Do you want everything to have access to your home? Do you want everything to be able to just fly in your windows whenever it wants? Probably not. That’s why most people have screens on their windows. You want the fresh air but you want to screen out the insects and other things that the wind might carry in. Make sure your screens are in good condition and build yourself a personal enclosure wall to keep out those people and things that bring you down.

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Paul David McKay said...

Wow, stumbled across your blog and really like it; pretty amazing how much we seem to have in common in music, books, spirituality (consider myself a "mertonite" and "Nouwenite") and sch. Bookmarking and look forward to your reflections.
Rev. Paul McKay