Friday, June 29, 2012

Michael's Wild Night

The first thing I heard when I walked in my building this morning was a woman talking very loudly on her cell phone. She was totally trashing some poor soul. Fortunately I had turned on my anti-negativity force field before I entered the building. Since the expected high today is 105 degrees, I hope my force field also keeps me cool when I leave today.

Last night I was walking through the Mall with my wife. I said to her, “When I get home I am shutting the door and I am not leaving the house until Monday morning”! She said, “Are you taking tomorrow off? You do know it’s only Thursday, right”? Thursday??? Once again all my hopes and dreams were squashed like a mosquito! Today, however, it really is Friday. My wife is going out with her sister tonight so I will be home alone and totally unsupervised. I will probably get pretty crazy. I will go home today, take a shower to wash away the dust from a hard day in the office, I will most likely have a bowl of cereal for dinner. If I’m feeling wild, I may have a banana too. Since there won’t be any adults around I think I will watch a concert DVD and turn my surround sound up as loud as I want. I may take the television remote off my wife’s end table and put it on my end table. Maybe I will burn some of my favorite incense since my wife won’t be around to complain that I’m setting off her sinuses. There’s beer in the refrigerator so I’ll probably drink a few. When she comes in the door at 9:00 PM I will most likely be asleep in my Lazy Boy with the music blaring in the background. It’s going to be a wild night!  I love living on the edge!

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