Monday, August 13, 2012


Monday’s are always the most difficult day for me to come up with a daily thought. Like most of you I must drag myself to work and I am not quite ready for a new work week. This morning's start was a little frenzied for me. There was a wasp in my kitchen and my wife was freaking out. I don’t like to kill anything.  I prefer to live in peace with all sentient beings.  I will do it occasionally if it’s something that can sting me or bite me. I attempted to get the wasp without destroying the kitchen. However, when I left home the wasp was still alive. I don’t like my mornings to start off with combat, whether it’s with a wasp or my spouse. In my mind mornings are sacred. They should be quiet with minimal movement. Once I am showered and dressed, I usually sit in silence with my coffee and toast. This is followed by a little reading and meditation until it’s time to leave home for the morning commute. When your morning starts off in a panic or a frenzy, it can affect your entire day in a negative way. On the other hand, when it starts off in peace and silence, with some meditative breathing, you can begin your day in a centered and calm way. This is why I always allow enough time in my morning schedule for some quiet sitting. The wasp is still king of the kitchen for now but I have regained my centeredness. I am hoping that before I get home tonight he has left my home in the same manner as he entered it.

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