Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Sounds Of Silence

Since my wife and I spent most of our morning commute talking about our children, I didn’t have time to consider what I would write about this morning. I asked a co-worker for an idea and he suggested writing something about my love of music. Music has been one of the great joys of my life since I was a young boy with my transistor radio. I have lived through 45’s, albums, 8 track’s, cassettes, CD’s, downloads, and iPods. I mainly love rock and roll, blues, and jazz but I also like classical. I live and breathe music. Along with my own enjoyment of whatever I am listening to, I also love to share music with friends and to discuss its history. Many people’s music collections have been greatly enriched by me. I was recently telling someone how I love my iPod because it allows me to take music anywhere I go. This is mostly a good thing, and I love it, but it also has a downside. Being able to take music anywhere can prevent me from enjoying silence. One of the monks at the monastery once said, “Even Beethoven played all day is noise”. Sometimes we have to turn off the electric guitars, wailing saxophones, and pounding drums in order to hear the music of nature. The wind plays music. Running water can be a symphony. A flock of birds can make joyful sounds. Silence can be an overture. Even the rock musician Sting once said, “Silence is the perfect note”. Listen to the beat of your own inner drummer, play the music that gives you joy and lifts your spirit, but also listen to the sounds of silence.

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