Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrating Life

This past weekend was a beautiful autumn weekend.  We are now officially in my favorite time of year.  The highlight of the weekend was a wedding reception for my son and new daughter-in-law.  They were married several weeks ago in Gatlinburg.  The reception was very nice.  It was held in a lodge type building in a park.  The weather was perfect for such an event, especially one held in a park.  Everyone seemed to have a very nice time.  Much of our lives are filled with ordinary days where all of us go through the routines of our lives.  Today is such a day as we begin a new work week.  Weddings and other special events are nice because they provide links that connect all the ordinary days.  If every day was a work day, or every day felt ordinary, we would soon grow weary.  Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, ordinations, holidays, and vacations give us some respite from the demands of daily life.  Sometimes we just need to celebrate life.  These occasions provide us with many of our best memories.  I once heard a quote from an unknown source that said, “Memories are the pillow on which we will sit in our old age”.  Events such as this weekend’s wedding reception are also a time to be with our extended families.  My family is as full of diverse personalities and characters as anyone’s.  However, I am fortunate because I came from a good family and I married into a good family.  I always enjoy time with my extended family.  Now it is time to resume my ordinary existence until the next event.  That will probably be a trip to Huber’s Orchard in a few weeks with Chloe and my wife to wander around in the pumpkin fields.  It has become an annual ritual in my family.     

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