Friday, September 06, 2013

Work And The Weekend

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend.  Last weekend was busy and hectic.  This week has been busy and sad.  It was also my wife’s first week back to work after six weeks of short term disability.  The next two days we will be practicing an economy of motion.  In other words we will both move as little as possible.  I expect several naps and lots of looking out the window.  Many people, especially young people, try to cram as much activity as possible into the weekend.  It is like they are attempting to live seven days of life in two days of weekend.  I no longer have such energy.  As much as I love the weekends, the work week is not all bad.  I have many enjoyable moments throughout the week.  Work is important for reasons beyond a paycheck.  We often don’t like to work because for most people it is a necessity and not simply something they choose to do with their time.  I admit that the most difficult part of working for me is having to do it when there are times I would rather do something else.  However, within the work week I am often able to do good things.  Yesterday, for example, I interviewed people all day for potential employment with my company.  Some of them will end up with jobs here.  Today I am having lunch with a dear friend and co-worker that I haven’t seen in many weeks.  On a typical day there are many opportunities for light heartedness and laughter.  I am blessed with many wonderful co-workers.  When this work day is finished I will pick up my wife, who I am sure will be eagerly waiting on the curb.  A little later in the evening we will pick up our priest son who has been in Chicago all week.  We’ll go to dinner and listen to his stories.  Afterwards, we will send him back to his parish then we’ll take a nap.  Let the weekend begin!   

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