Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Simple Life

I have been writing daily thoughts for so long that I sometimes have writer’s block.  There are days I simply do not know what to write about.  My life is not glamorous or exciting.  On a good day it seems simple, on a bad day it feels boring.  At this stage of my life it is a lot less complicated.  My children are adults and my wife and I are empty nesters.  Most of our life consists in waking up, coming to work, and going back home.  Some weekends are Chloe weekends and some weekends are do nothing weekends.  Many of the things I have written about in the past involved various activities in which I was involved.  I have few activities in my life now beyond weekly trips to the grocery store.  The monthly day trips I used to make to make to visit my friend, Father Dennis, are greatly missed.  I think in the past I found much meaning in the activities that seemed to fill my life.  As life slows down and grows more simple, meaning can be harder to find.  This is not all bad.  When life is simpler it is easier to be in the moment because there isn’t much to pull you out of the moment.  The uncomplicated life can be a very peaceful life.  You can really enjoy a cup of coffee, a tasty dessert, some good music, and an interesting book.  There is time to feel the wind, notice the sky, and gaze upon a full moon.  In recent days I have been looking out my window and watching the neighborhood leaves falling from the trees and covering the ground.  I guess life doesn’t have to be complicated or busy to have meaning.  Perhaps a meaningful life is just knowing you are alive and being aware of your surroundings.    

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