Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's Up With My Book?

Over the years many people have encouraged me to publish a book.  This is in the works.  It is a tedious and occasionally frustrating process because I never wrote anything with the intention of publishing a book some day.  In many ways the book is already written.  However, what I have is almost ten years of daily thoughts about everything from my granddaughter to Zen, from rock and roll to Buddhism, not to mention stories about my everyday life.  I have two generous friends who have been diligently reading through everything I have written in order to choose what they consider the “A List”.  To their credit they have occasionally tolerated my impatience with the process.  To their additional credit they are doing this voluntarily, without pay, because they believe in me.  At this point we have what they consider the best stuff I have written.  The current challenge is to organize it into chapters or themes.  My assignment is to go through their selections and assign titles for each piece.  I am taking the day off tomorrow to work on this.  Since I am also on vacation during Thanksgiving week, I hope to finish my assignment by the end of the month.  After that we can begin the final organization of the writings and do the grammatical corrections and editing required.  When we have a final, complete, and finished manuscript we can then work on how the book will look in its final form.  If this book is successful all the profits I make are going into the Chloe College Fund.  For those of you who have been encouraging me and waiting patiently, hang in there.  This is more work than most people realize, and no one is working on it full time.  However, it is going to happen eventually.  I hope it is worth the wait for those who are eager to see it.     

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