Thursday, October 02, 2014

We Are All Addicts One Way Or Another

Here's a thought from the Tao that I really like...
The mind that turns ever outward will have no end to craving.  Only the mind turned inward will find a still point of peace.
Most, if not all, that drives us, whether is ambition, greed, food, sex, materialism or whatever, is nothing more than an inner desire and need to fill some type of emptiness within ourselves.  We all suffer from this to some extent.  Most of us are not alcoholics or drug addicts but we still have addictions.  I think I have an addiction to buying CD's and downloading music.  I have approximately 2,500 CD's and a large iTunes account.  You would think that would last me for the rest of my life.  However, there is not a week that goes by without me purchasing music.  Books is another addiction.  Enjoying music and reading books are legitimate pleasures but I know I am also obsessed with both and they are little more than thinly veiled attempts to fill some type of emptiness in my life.  I have also have learned that our different personalities were created by us subconsciously in our childhoods to respond to a deep need that aches to be fulfilled.  It may be the need to be perfect, the need to be successful, or the need to be seen as "special".  The Tao is telling us that everything we need is within us.  Minds that are always turned outward, away from our center, will be on a ceaseless journey that will not satisfy our cravings or  needs and we will never find the inner peace that most of us desire.  The famous psychologist, Carl Jung, said "He who looks outside, dreams.  He who looks inside, awakens".  Until you look inside and awaken to the greatness of who you are, you will never find an end to the cravings and desire for things outside yourself. 

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Dawna said...

This post resonates with me a great deal Michael. I struggle with this daily, now more than ever.. occasionally finding respite by looking within. It doesn't last long.. as my angst returns. thank you for sharing
I shall keep trying