Friday, March 11, 2016

Awareness In Itself Is Healing

“Awareness in itself is healing”.
-Fritz Pearls
Let’s be honest.  We are all in need of some kind of healing.  Most of what hurts us is not visible to other people.  It may not even be obvious to ourselves.  In a previous daily thought I mentioned being an “impartial observer” of our emotions.  In order to do this we must be self-aware.  In order to be self-aware, we must be awake.  I do not mean that time when we are not sleeping.  The type of awake that I mean is when we are conscious of the moment.  The reality is that most people are consciously asleep even when their bodies are awake and going about their day.  The more self-aware that we are, the more we can allow the healing process to unfold.  If I am aware of my pain, I can consciously seek to heal it by changing my way of thinking or by changing how I act.  Many of us feel that our pain is the fault of other people.  This is often true.  However, the truth is that people who cause pain are usually in pain themselves.  Until everyone’s consciousness is awake enough to be self-aware, and the healing process can begin, the cycle of pain and the need of healing will go on.  Strive to understand your own pain and consciously act in ways that do not cause pain to others.  While you are healing yourself, heal others with kindness and compassion.   

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