Thursday, March 10, 2016

Our Life As Art

“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives”.
-Louise Hay
If you are your thoughts, who are you?  If your thoughts are paint, and your actions a brush, what kind of painting are you creating?  There are many kinds of paintings.  I am not a lover of abstract art.  My preferences are pastoral scenes or even fantasy inspired depictions of imaginary worlds.  I like the kind of paintings where I can imagine myself in the painting.  In more grounded moments I also enjoy depictions of real life.  I have often read in my psychology studies that all of us tend to paint or portray an image that we want to present to the world.  These images and depictions, however, are rarely the true person.  Sometimes, like an old painting, you find an entirely different image when you scape away the top layer of paint.  Getting to the original image, or what the Buddhists call your “original face” is a lifelong progress.  Few of us are the people that other people think we are.  People who appear strong can actually be weak.  People who appear weak can be very strong.  Those who appear very confident, can be full of doubt.  The timid person can rise to the occasion and become a leader.  Every artist wants their art to speak to us and for us to enjoy it.  If your life is your art, what is it saying to others?  If your life is your art, it is inspiring others?  If your life is your art, what is its value?        

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