Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Living In My Inner World

Mindfulness is paying attention to the right things, and paying no attention to the wrong things
I’ve come to the realization that almost nothing is any of my business
-A monk of Gethsemani named Brother Cassian
Most of the people who work in my office see me walking around with my ear buds in and my head appearing to be in the clouds.  I will admit to having a music addiction.  It began as a teen-ager and has continued into my golden years.  I eat, sleep, and breath music and I was born to rock and roll.  In most ways it is a harmless addiction.  I keep it under control most of the time in terms of spending money.  If it has a negative impact it is that I don’t spend enough time in silence.  Listening to music, especially in the work environment, actually helps me to stay focused on my own objectives and to be blissfully uninvolved in most of what goes on around me.  This mindful focus on music prevents me from getting pulled into conversations and activities that have little value to me and are probably a waste of my time.  Some people probably think I am not engaged or aware but even with my perceived withdrawal, there is little that gets past me.  I am more aware of what is going on around me than many people think I am.  I just choose to not acknowledge it or to participate in it.  My attitude about engaging with life is deeply influenced by my introverted personality.  Most of what goes on around me is very draining and exhausting to a person like me.  Some of you are probably nodding your heads in agreement as you read this.  Living in my own inner world is really the only way I can live in the outer world.     

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