Monday, May 09, 2016

Sometimes You Have To Simply Trust

Simply trust.  Do not the petals flutter down, just like that?”
I love the study of psychology, especially the different personality types.  I have taught Myers-Briggs to many groups of people and I am a serious study of the Enneagram which is a much deeper approach to what makes all of us who we are.  The Enneagram identifies nine types of people.  They are sub-divided into three groups.  They are called the “Gut Types”, the “Heart Types”, and the “Head Types.  I am a gut type.  Gut types are reactive and often have anger issues.  Until I really started thinking about it I never realized how much repressed anger I carry around with me.  Heart types are relational and are always wondering how they are perceived by others.  Image is important to Heart types.  Head types live in their heads and are fear driven.  The largest percentage of our population fall into this category.  Fear types hate ambiguity.  They want absolute certitude about everything.  They often find it very difficult to make a decision because they are afraid it will be the wrong one.  The reality is that sooner or later you must learn to simply trust and go for it.  The truth is that most fear originates in our heads and is not based on any true reality.  Most of the things we fear never happen to us.       

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