Monday, July 04, 2016


If your relationship to the present moment is not right, nothing can ever be right in the future because when the future comes it’s the present moment.”
-Eckhart Tolle
Think about this for a minute.  At this moment it is NOW.  When the future arrives it will also be NOW.  I once saw an advertisement for a Zen wrist watch.  The face of the watch had no numbers.  It simply said NOW.  Anytime of day that you wondered what time it was, the watch always said NOW.  No one can change the fact that it is NOW.  The past was NOW and the Future will be NOW.  Our relationship with reality is always experienced in the NOW.  This is not some philosophical mumble jumble.  I defy anyone to live in a moment that it not NOW.  I also like what Fr. Richard Rohr says about the NOW.  In one of his talks I heard him say, “The moment is as perfect as it can be”.  That doesn’t mean it is perfect.  It simply means it is as perfect as it can be.  Another way of looking at the NOW is to understand that “it is what it is”.  How the NOW feels depends on your relationship with the moment.

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