Thursday, July 07, 2016


The next message you need is always right where you are.
-Ram Dass
Like most people, my life has had its share of twists and turns.  I have sometimes wondered if I made all the right decisions.  Did I turn right when I should have turned left?  Did I go down the road less traveled when I should have stayed on the main highway?  Am I where I should be?  Am I who I should have been?  I am not certain if I have done all the right things but I have done many things right.  I didn’t plan the life I have.  It has not always been the life I wanted.  However, it is the life I have.  I do like to believe it is no accident that I am where I am and I am doing what I am doing.  Sometimes the life you have is the life you need.  Sometimes the life you have is the life other people need.  Our lives are not always about us.  This is a reason we are where we are.  Part of our life’s quest is to understand the reason and to find our purpose.

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