Friday, July 29, 2016

The Miracle Of Everyday Life

 “Stop, breathe, look around and embrace the miracle if each day, the miracle of life.”
-Jeffrey A. White
Thinking back to yesterday’s thoughts about how depressing the news can be, it is easy to believe the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket.  Fully aware that bad things truly do happen, have you ever stopped to consider how many things go right every day?  Admittedly, most days I crawl out of bed slowly and I am not always ready to seize the day.  Soon enough, however, I am showered and dressed and enjoying my first cup of coffee.  Even at work, most days go well and on the best of them I laugh a lot.  I never miss a meal, unless it is by choice, I live in a nice house, and I drive a nice car.  I am not wealthy but a long way from poor.  At age 65 I have so far survived every crisis in my life.  My children are grown up and both are employed.  I have a wonderful granddaughter who makes me smile on a regular basis.  The sun comes up every morning and the birds are still singing.  Sooner or later I will die but today I am still alive and doing well.       

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