Saturday, December 02, 2006

Daydreaming At Work

It's a Saturday morning and I am at work. It was a cold trip into the office today. The highway was empty but the streets around my building had cars parked in every available space. There must be a lot of work to do and people are motivated by the need for Christmas money. While I am here at work, my wife will be out spending all our money and more so there are lots of smiles at my home on Christmas morning. As I sit here drinking my coffee and typing these words, I am distracted by the photo on my calendar. It is a photo of a small log cabin nestled in the woods of the Great Smoky Mountains. The barren landscape and trees are covered with a light snow. I would like to be in that cabin right now. I would have a warm fire going in the fireplace. My rocking chair would be facing the fire as I stare at the flames and drink my coffee. Soon I would go out for a walk in the woods, hoping a hungry bear isn't doing the same thing. When I get cold I would head back to the warmth of the cabin, pour some more coffee, and pick out a good book. I would get lost in the silence and the solitude. Whew....I really drifted off for a moment. I am actually in a cubicle in an office building in downtown Louisville. It's not quite as romantic but I'm feeling kind of cozy. It is quiet and somewhat solitary. I think I will hide out here for a few hours before I go home and have to do some real work.

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