Friday, December 08, 2006

Lots Of Activity

Yesterday when I left home for work, the temperature was in the low thirties, slightly above freezing. Early in the morning there were so light flurries that dusted some areas. By the end of the work day it was in the low twenties. I went out for a walk during my lunch break and thought I would not make it back alive. I was walking along the river. There was a strong wind and the river actually had swells like an ocean. When I got back into the office my face had windburn and I was very cold. Wow! It sure was invigorating!

Life is a little chaotic in my office. People are moving to other floors. New people are moving in to available...and in some cases...not available space. I will be here holding on to my little piece of real estate for another two weeks before moving up to the tenth floor. I hate the chaos. I am a person who seeks harmony and tranquility. When I am in chaos my first reaction is to bring about order. Unfortunately, I have little control over what's going on around me. Of course, the chaos and lack of control over this movement in my office is nothing more than a metaphor for life. Life is often chaotic and most of it we cannot control. Does that mean our only option in life is to react to everything around us? I don't think so. In most situations people think you must either fight it or run from it. The contemplative way...the middle to simply be present to it. I can't always bring order to chaos or control the events around me. What I can control is my reaction to them. I can be the eye of the hurricane. I can be the order I desire. I can choose to not react but simply to flow with it. I can choose to relax and be.

I caused a near riot in my granddaughter Chloe's daycare last night. I suppose if you look like me you should not walk into a daycare wearing a red coat and hat at this time of year. Many of the little kids starting yelling out, "Hello, Santa!" and shook my hand. Chloe must be the envy of her friends. How many children get picked up by Santa Claus?

It will be a busy weekend. Tomorrow I am going to see the new film called "The Nativity". Sunday I am having brunch with my brothers and one of my sisters for my mother's 77th birthday. I realized this morning that she was only 21 years old when I was born. I wonder what she thought that day? On Sunday I am going to the theater with my wife, sons, and daughter in law to see Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol".

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