Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snow Wish

From the look of my desk right now, I must have been a good boy this year. I have received a number of very nice gifts today and in the last week or so. I appreciate them all and the thoughtfulness that accompanied them. It's another example of the blessings in my life. As much as I don't like to work sometimes, I am very blessed in the work place. All work places can be maddening at times. There are good days and bad ones. Most of the time it doesn't matter because I have friends who share all of the experiences with me. You can't get through life easily without friends that you care about and who care about you.

It was a busy day today. I got a lot accomplished but didn't complete all my tasks. Here and at home, life is busy. There will be no rest until next week when all the Christmas madness has subsided. In all the hustle and bustle, it is difficult to find a quiet and peaceful moment to just breathe. In times like this, I am happy to be an introvert. My inner world allows me much space to wander. Of course, everything has a flip side. It is this same introverted nature that finds all the Christmas activity exhausting.

I would love some cooler weather and a little snow. While the snow is falling I would like to be transported to the monastery woods. Snow in the woods is a wondrous sight. The snow is silent. At some point I might sit on a decaying log and simply stare into the trees and glens. Usually I would pick a spot near a stream. The flow of the water is all I hear. The sound soothes me as I close my eyes and breathe in the cool air. Such winter moments fill me with enthusiasm for life. I am lost in the beauty of the moment. Of course, as I type this I am sitting at my desk shortly before I leave for the day. With my vivid imagination, it doesn't matter where I am. The world I just described exists within me as well as on monastery land. I can visit it whenever I want. O well, its time to shake the snow from my boots and head home.

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