Friday, May 25, 2007

Random Friday Thoughts

Have you ever been awakened in the night by a charley horse? It happened to me sometime in the night. I jumped out of bed and hobbled around my bedroom looking like a character from Pirates of the Caribbean! It went away but now my leg is sore. The last couple of weeks have not been good for my body!

Yesterday was Thursday so I left work and drove to the day care to pick up Chloe. I was barely in the door when she spotted me from the distance. She came running to me from across the room like an Olympic sprinter. I love picking her up at the day care. She is excited to see me and I am excited to see her. I cannot imagine my life now without her in it. When we left the day care we headed for the five star culinary experience of the local Dairy Queen. While we were still eating her Mommy showed up on the scene and the look on Chloe's face indicated that she knew she had been tricked. Mommy had never shown up at Dairy Queen before. Why now? Does this mean I don't get to go home with you Pa Paw? When it was time to go, she parted in tears that I feel certain only lasted a short time. She and Mommy were on the way to the Mall to shop for a new bathing suit for Chloe. In less than a month we will all be going on a family vacation.

After leaving Chloe and her Mommy, my wife and I headed for the hospital to visit my mother in law. It was not such a joyful experience. My mother in law is sinking deeper into her dementia. When my wife and I got to her room, she begged us to help her escape from the "prison". In her confusion and paranoia she was convinced that she was being held hostage and the entire hospital staff was in on it. There was nothing my wife or I could say that convinced her otherwise. When I wasn't talking to her, trying to reassure her that everything was OK, I was praying that God will calm her spirit and give her peace. It is painful to see this once proud lady in such a state and to be so helpless in comforting her. As frustrating as it can be for family and caregivers, what must it be like for her to be so afraid?

When I got was restored as my son told me about his day shadowing the pastor at my parish. They spent the day together so Nick could see what an average day is like for a parish priest. Earlier in the week he spent time with another priest visiting a seminary in Indianapolis. The application process is tedious and slow but if all goes well, he will begin studies for the priesthood in the fall. I was in the seminary and I lived in a monastery. At the time it never occurred to me that I might someday have a son who might one day be a priest. Life is such a mystery.

Enjoy the extended holiday weekend. Remember in your thoughts and prayers all the men and women who have died in wars, especially those who have died in Iraq. There are few of us who haven't been touched by this senseless tragedy. Pray for peace and practice peace in your own life.

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