Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Busy Weekend

This week has flown by for me. In fact, this year seems to be flying by. In spite of my best efforts to slow down and be present to the moment, I too am often caught up in the fast pace and busyness of life. Workdays are usually full of activity and often pass as quickly as leisure time. I seem to no sooner be home and in a relaxed state when I realize that it is already bed time. Like most people who work the five day, nine to five routine, I look forward to Fridays and the weekend. Weekends are rarely restful. Last weekend I spent most of the day on Sunday at the monastery. Tonight I must do some shopping in preparation for a family birthday party for Chloe and a small project at home. I think I also have to pick up some stuff at the grocery store but I can't remember why. Tomorrow I will get a little extra sleep before heading to Chloe's midday birthday party. I will have to leave that early because I volunteered to do some work at Churchill Downs in exchange for seeing the Police concert for free. When I get home from that, tired and eager for sleep, there will be a little munchkin in my bed full of birthday party dreams. I will be clinging to edge of the bed all night trying not to fall on the floor. On Sunday Chloe's parents will be coming to my house to help with a small project and eat dinner (Now I remember why I have to go to the grocery store!). Before I know it, it will be Sunday night and I will be in some dread of starting a whole new work week. All of this will keep me quite busy but it's my life. I don't really mind any of it and most of it will be enjoyable. It would just be nice to have a little more leisure for the mind and body to rest. I am sure that most of you are in the same boat. Life is busy and hectic and often demanding. The only solution is to hang on and enjoy the ride. Within all of this activity will be moments and opportunities for gratefulness. I am happy for all of this and grateful that I have family and friends and that there are things in my life to celebrate and enjoy. I wish the same for you. Have a peaceful weekend!

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