Friday, July 20, 2007

The Weekend

What a beautiful morning! It is bright and clear and sunny and cool. All mornings should be so wonderful!

Is it already Friday again? The days are just flying by. I guess that full days, busy nights, and the six hour naps that are called sleep add up quickly. Yesterday after work I thought I would never get out of downtown. Traffic was bumper to bumper. People kept blocking the intersections and then no one could get through the lights when they changed. Eventually,a frustrated policeman got out of his car and started directing traffic. He didn't look happy. After passing the policeman the right lane was blocked by utility workers. When I finally approached my ramp to the interstate, there was a fender bender blocking the turn lane. All of this tested my patience. Gridlock is one of my pet peeves. Finally I was on the interstate and headed to Chloe's day care. I felt so free when I could finally accelerate. We have approximately two more weeks till the work being done on Interstate 64 is completed and the downtown area is back to normal traffic flows. If only I could fly......

It should be a leisurely weekend. I have no big commitments and my wife has already put out the word that no one should ask her to do anything. Saturday will be Harry Potter day and off to the movies we will go. After that we will stop at Border's books so my wife can get the final Harry Potter book.A short biography of my son was featured in a local Archdiocesan vocation newsletter. He is one of six men in various stages of life who are beginning their studies for the priesthood. He will be leaving home in less than a month. Although my food expenses should be reduced by approximately 50%, I will miss him. Who's going to assist my wife and I when we screw up the television remotes? Last weekend, during an intense moment in a family meal, he leaned over to me and said, "The celibate life is looking better all the time"!

On this day back in 1969 Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon!


Unknown said...

Okay Michael Brown, i am stumbling along in life and on the internet, and then i stumbled onto your blog. Your writing is a easy flow and your poetry sweet. In the spirit. I am grateful i stumbled onto your site and i am grateful i had the courage to comment. You have made it into my books. Love and peace within.

Michael Brown said...

Dear Mum,

Thank you for your kind words!