Monday, July 16, 2007

The Police At Churchill Downs

This past weekend I felt like I participated in a triathlon. I slept in on Saturday but got up early enough to have some quiet time before going to my son's house for a belated birthday party for Chloe. I stayed as long as I could but I needed to leave early because I had committed myself to volunteer at the Police concert. I quietly slipped away while Chloe was cooking dinner in her new pretend kitchen. I met up with my friends and we headed to Churchill Downs. We were working to raise funds for a local high school cheer leading team. Whatever money we would have been paid for our work would go to the team. Our reward, besides being able to do some fund-raising for a good cause, was to see the Police concert for free. After checking in we were assigned our jobs and taken to where we would be working. It basically was a sweet gig. I was an usher/ticket checker in section 321. I was also given the additional responsibility of holding the "official" flashlight. My section was in the Grandstands with a perfect view of the stage. Shortly after getting to our assigned spots, Sting and the rest of the Police came on stage and did a sound check. It was pleasant to sit there in the empty Grandstand watching them play while looking at the colorful flowers in what is normally the Winner's Circle on Derby Day. Things were very calm and a little boring until the darkness fell, the Police came on stage, and all the $7.00 beers that had been consumed all afternoon kicked it. At that point it was pandemonium as the clueless drunks and other lost souls forgot where they sat or what section they were in. It was the job of my friends and me to point in the right direction or lead these party animals to their assigned seats. No one gave me a hard time even when I had to ask them to vacate seats that weren't theirs. In fact, most people were very friendly. The concert itself was very good and I enjoyed it spite of being on the job. I have been going to rock and roll concerts since I was a teenager although this was the first time I actually worked at one. The only real down side for me was having to stand all night. By the time I got home I was exhausted and very hungry. As I was walking in my house, my son was walking out. When I got in the house I tried to be very quiet so as not to wake my wife or Chloe who was over for the night. I was sitting quietly in my kitchen having a bowl of cereal. The next thing I heard was a "Hello, Pa Paw"! There was Chloe, at midnight, standing in my kitchen wearing her new Princess dress. She looked like she was going to a costume ball. We sat at the table for a while sharing a bowl of cereal with two spoons and discussing the great taste of Lucky Charms, especially the marshmallows. Before I knew it my son was back in the house with a bag of food from Taco Bell. Then Granny was awake and she and Chloe and me all ended up taking baths before we all ended up going to bed...finally. This is a typical Saturday night at the Brown house! If any of you encounter me today and feel a sudden burst of heat, it is probably radiating from my sunburned bald head. The hat I usually wear didn't meet the dress code for ushers. In spite of that, my friends and I looked pretty snappy in our security shirts!

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