Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gifts And Talents

I am loving my new work area. This is an old building that has been completely renovated. It is very quiet and I am in a somewhat isolated area. This building has a much calmer atmosphere than my previous building. Whenever I return to my former haunts it feels chaotic and fast paced. I like the calmer atmosphere and the peaceful environment that I have now. It may be too quiet. Yesterday I had to finally go outside for some air because I was falling asleep. Earlier in the morning it rained again for a short time. That did not help. Normally on such a day I look forward to getting home so I could take a nap. Alas, there was no rest for the weary. I had my weekly three hour meeting at church. In my mind I could hear my wife saying, "When are you going to learn to say no"! In spite of my fatigue, I enjoy these sessions.

I work for a large company. My previous building had several thousand occupants and my current building has several hundred. My fellow co-workers are men and women that are young and old and that represent multiple ethic groups. All in all, it's a reasonably diverse group of people. Some are calm and laid back. Other are frantic and hyper. There are many personalities. Some are easier to take than others. A few drive me crazy but then again, I am not every one's cup of tea either. Somehow all of us manage to work together in peace most days. It takes all types, working together, to create an environment that is productive and accomplished. Within this diverse community are many gifts and talents. All of us have a gift and some type of talent. Many have "hard skills" that help us accomplish the many tasks that we have. Other's have "soft skills" that help smooth the friction that can sometimes occur between people. Everyone brings something to the party. It important to recognize that everyone has a purpose and that everyone is needed. It takes many gifts and talents to keep a community or organization going. If everyone was the same, not much would get done. You can't be a leader if no one will follow. If everyone tries to lead, nothing will get done. In life, everyone needs to determine their gift and talent. No gift or talent is better than another. It is when all gifts and talents work together that we make progress. Look in your mirror. What is your gift and talent? When you discover them, be grateful and use them for the common good. Remember, however, that others may have different gifts and talents. If you are a leader, be a good steward of the gifts and talents of those who follow you. If you are a follower, make your gifts and talents known. Do not hide them. Share them and make the world...or your workplace...a better place.

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