Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Mother In Law's Sadness

Yesterday after work I went to the annual Octoberfest at the old folks home where my mother in law lives. It appeared to be the social event of the season. Most of the residents were all dressed up and they seemed excited about the break in their normal daily routine. Many, if not all, of these folks are well to do and I imagine they had very active social lives before age and illness slowed them down. I know this is true of my mother in law. I found myself thinking of my deceased father in law and the life my family had in the past before he died. It was my in laws that introduced me to the "good life". By my standards they had lots of money and lived a different life than I was used to until I married their daughter. I started eating meals that required more than one fork. I learned about wine and developed a taste for shrimp cocktail. I went to white tablecloth restaurants where you had to dress up. When my in laws were both still alive and active, we were always celebrating something. I found myself missing my father in law as I looked at my mother in law's now sad face and the distant look in her eyes. I remember when she was the hostess of wonderful parties. In a few weeks my father in law will be dead for four years. At the time he died, Chloe was in the womb and no one knew it. My mother in law has now been sad for four years. Her mind is constantly challenging her. When my wife took her up to her room, she discovered that she had packed many of her possessions. We have no idea where she thinks she's going. She has no idea either. All of our lives have changed greatly with the passing of my father in law. He was a wonderful guy and I miss him.

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