Sunday, July 19, 2009

Savoring Life's Sweet Moments

I spent most of my afternoon today with my granddaughter. It was just the two of us. My wife and Chloe's parents were at the local Homearama, an event that would bore me to tears. Admittedly, a one on one with Chloe is not a fair match. There is no way I can keep up with her energy, imagination, or demands. At this moment I am barely conscious and I will have no trouble sleeping tonight. Still we had a very good time and I consider such moments with Chloe to be precious ones.

Two Happy Meals at McDonald's = $6.77. Two movie tickets for "Up" in 3D = $18.00. One box of "Air Heads" taffy, cotton candy, and a Coke = $12.58. Dinner for the entire family at "Turkey Joe's" after using my $25.00 gift certificate = $36.67. Spending the afternoon at the movies with my granddaughter sitting in my lap = Priceless!

The movie actually had a serious adult theme. It was over Chloe's head but I think I got it. It was a reminder for adults to never lose the dreams of their youth. The beginning of the movie had an element of sadness to it. The movie began by telling the story of the old man who was a central character. His life began with a desire for adventure. He met and fell in love with a woman who shared his dream. Like with most lives, the unexpected events and demands of daily life constantly postponed the living out of their dream. Before they could ever really follow their bliss, the wife dies, and the old man is left alone. Finally, in an act of courage, the old man decides to break from the constraints of his life and to live the unfinished dream that he and his wife had shared for so many years. Joining him, unexpectedly, is a young boy. Together they go on the adventure of both their lives. Although this serious under current runs through the movie there is enough action and humor to keep a child interested. I plan to watch the movie again when the DVD comes out. Although I think of myself as a dreamer, I also need to sometimes be reminded to keep my dreams alive.

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