Sunday, July 05, 2009

Where Did My Long Weekend Go?

Any time off from work goes by in the blink of an eye! Like many people I was so looking forward to my three day 4th of July weekend. Now I sit here with a small sense of dread that tomorrow is Monday and I must get back into the work mode. I don't feel alone because I know without a doubt that all my friends and co-workers are feeling the same way. I console myself with the knowledge that I am employed and I work in a very enjoyable work environment.

It was a good weekend for me even though it has rained for the last two days. Friday was a day of total leisure and music enjoyment. As I wrote in my previous post I immersed myself in the summer sounds of the first Woodstock Festival in 1969. I thoroughly enjoyed this new batch of old music. Yesterday I picked up my granddaughter so my wife and I could take her to the movie before bringing her to our house for a sleepover. Chloe is the apple of my eye and she brings me great joy. She also brings me great fatigue. Once she has returned home I usually go into the sleep mode. We had a great time at the movies. We saw the new children's movie called "Ice Age...The Dawn of the Dinosaurs". She sat in my lap the entire time asking me questions or laughing hysterically. Pa Paw enjoyed the movie, too. Much of Saturday evening and Sunday morning I was sitting on the floor of my living room re-enacting the prehistoric world of mammals and dinosaurs with Chloe's Ice Age action figures and my own dinosaur collection. Today I feel like I have recently worked out at the gym. I am not sure if my soreness is the result of yard work I did on Friday or from crawling around on the floor like a five year old.

The evening is now here. I need to gather all my trash and put it out on the curb. Laundry can wait till another day. Surely I have enough clean clothes to get through a day or two of work before doing a wash. The picture above was taken today at Chloe's house. One of her dogs, Cosmo, is partially in the picture. For now I will chill out for a few more hours before bedtime and the beginning of a new week.

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