Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Brain Dead

I am sitting here in my home office trying not to fall asleep. My "music room" is uninhabitable at the moment because it is prepped to be painted. My wife is downstairs engrossed in the season premier of "Lost". I got "lost" during the first season and never found my way back. If you need to order a commentary from Amazon.com to understand a television show, it's too complicated to watch on a work night.

I am feeling quite brain dead right now and it is only an act of my will that causes me to even attempt to write something meaningful or coherent tonight.

Today was mostly a good day. I had a delightful lunch with a new friend that I was meeting for the first time. We work for the same company but in different buildings. He is also a reader of this blog. More than once I have met strangers for lunch who learn of me through my writing. It's interesting to learn of their images of me that are based solely on the things I write about. I'm always afraid that I will be a disappointment to them when they meet me in the flesh. The gentleman I met today told me he felt like he was going to meet the "Zen Master". Such statements make me laugh inside. It is not false humility on my part to say that I am quite ordinary. I don't think anyone who lives or works with me on a daily basis thinks I am a "Zen Master" or anything special. To be honest, when others do express a high opinion of me, I often feel like a fraud who will soon be exposed for the charlatan that I am. However, I am also humbled by other's kind thoughts about me and their often affectionate feelings toward me.

Today I was struck with another bout of foot in mouth disease. Someday I hope to really learn that when given the option of choosing, silence is almost always better than speaking. It was an innocent mistake on my part, and I thought I was being helpful. However, in the work enviroment I am way too open and way too honest.

Somehow I have actually filled up this page. I think I have used up what little brain I had left. What day is this?

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