Sunday, February 07, 2010

There And Back Again

It's been a non stop day. I spent most of my morning going to the monastery. I crept out of my house in the dark, trying not to wake my granddaughter. I found out later she woke up as soon as I shut the front door of my house. It was a cold morning. The drive down I-65 and the country roads to the monastery was beautiful. The starkness of the winter landscape was enhanced by a light covering of snow. Though not deep, it was lovely. Every branch, every bush, every evergreen tree was draped in snow. Soon after leaving home it began to get light so I quickly found myself lost in the beauty of it all. The back roads were mostly empty of cars so I felt like I was all alone. I had a good meeting at the monastery but could not stay long due to other obligations at home. Did I get to rest when I arrived home? No, because my wife had to go get her haircut and I had to watch Chloe. Did I get to rest after she returned? No, because then Chloe's parents showed up. Along with my wife, they left to go pick up a new television whose delivery has been cancelled three times due to the overwhelming demand of people who wanted their new televisions delivered in time for tonight's Super Bowl. I could care less about the Super Bowl. I just wanted the television delivered this weekend so I wouldn't have to take time off from work this week. While they were gone I stayed with Chloe again and watched a SpongeBob Squarepants marathon. Now I sit upstairs in my office while my sons hook up the new television downstairs. When that is done I have a family dinner to get through before I can have some real peace and relaxation. Family is wonderful but they can wear you out sometimes. It would have been nice to stay at the monastery for a longer period of time and get lost in the winter beauty of their solitary grounds and woods. O well, at least I had a taste of silence and solitude while I was there. Once again the weekend has been a blur.


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