Monday, February 22, 2010

Life Is Good

My life is very good right now. I am grateful for my continued employment. I have been with my company for 24 years and I hope to ride that wave all the way to the beach. Materially, my cup runneth over. This is due in part to the generosity of my wife's deceased parents. However, some credit must also be given to my wife and I for consistently working for 35+ years. We are at a point in our lives where we are reaping some rewards for all the labor of our lives. Although most of my life has always been good, much of it has also been a struggle. If I paid all my bills and had $100 left in my checking account, something would break that cost $110. I like it that my ship has come in. Most of them in the past have taken on water and sunk in the harbor before they could dock. Now that one finally docked, it relieves some of life's pressure. It enables me to do some things that have needed to be done for a long time. My house is old and is need of some updating and repair. Raising two sons from boys to men gave it quite a beating at times. My wife and I are able to spoil ourselves a little. For example, my favorite room in my house, where I spend most of my alone time, was mostly a collection of hand me downs, leftovers, and stuff no one wanted. Now, after completely emptying the room, re-painting it and having new carpet installed, I have been able to put it back together with some thought. At the same time I have tried to downsize, de-clutter, and simplify. The rest of the house is also getting a much needed makeover. You won't see it on television but it's amazing what a little paint, some new carpet, and a few new accessories can do to improve your living space. Less you think my wife and I are totally self absorbed, we are also in a better position to help our children with some of their needs and wants. I can't deny that I like when my own needs are met but there is also great happiness to be found meeting the needs of others and making their lives a little better. The ability to be generous is a gift to the giver. Speaking of givers, my thanks to two of the most generous people I ever knew, my father in law and mother in law. We are grateful for your generosity and we miss you.

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