Friday, April 02, 2010

Awesome Things Volume XI

This is my 800th post!

Working in the office last Saturday. I'm just kidding. It really wasn't that awesome. I got up a little late. I was happy because I was finally able to shower after two days without hot water. I did that as quickly and quietly as I could so I didn't wake anyone up in my house. I now have a new water heater so I guess that is awesome. Then I got outside and realized that there was frost all over my car and my son, who was home from the seminary on spring break, had me blocked in. I knew he was home when I tripped over his laundry basket on Friday night but I didn't think about telling him not to park behind me. Did I mention that someone "borrowed" the ice scraper from my car? I had to drive down my road with the defroster on high and a little circle of visibility. I felt like the Captain of a submarine looking through a periscope. Fortunately there was no one else on the road so I finally made it to work and all was well. There weren't very many people in the office so it was a very quiet morning.....

What was really awesome were all the birthday wishes, cards, and lunch at Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse with my co-workers on Friday. I also had a birthday dinner at the Red Lobster with my family on Saturday night. The most expensive gift I received was the bill for dinner. However, I have finally entered the 21st Century since my family also gave me an ipod. I guess I can put my CD Walkman in storage.

A long, leisurely bath. Like most people I usually take showers because they are quick and easy and I am usually in a hurry. For the last several months I've had a water heater on it's last days. Recently I got a new one so I have all the hot water...and more...than I need. Since it was installed I have been taking baths in the evenings. Last night I was taking a bath while a cool breeze came in the window and church bells were tolling in the distance. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Are you stressed out? Go into your bathroom, shut the door (lock it if you have children), fill up the tub, relax, breathe, and let your troubles float away. I am not responsible for any mental images you now have of me.

The dogwood tree in the park that is full of white blossoms. I'm not sure why it is blooming so fully ahead of the other trees but it is a beautiful sight as I arrive each morning and leave each evening. I am also enjoying the daffodils out on the highway and the yellow forsythia bushes all over town. In spite of the cool mornings and occasional cold days, spring is here. By this weekend it is supposed to be 80 degrees.

Finally getting something you have always wanted. My wife says I am a pack rat. I prefer to think of myself as a "collector". I have always loved reading and music so I have a lot of books and CD's. Until recently, my "man cave" was full of cheap bookshelves and CD racks, the kind you buy at Target and build yourself. My brother in law has a son who is a carpenter. I gave him a basic design and he has built me some beautiful new shelves. They are exactly what I have always wanted and now they are mounted on my wall and filled with all my CD's and many of my books. Everyone has "stuff" that's important to them even if it has no value for anyone else. Now my "stuff" has a new home. If a woman has 200 pairs of shoes is she a "pack rat" or a "collector"?

Walking into the breakroom just as a fresh pot of coffee is finished perking. Yesterday afternoon I remembered that I had a few Oreos in my desk. Yes, I know I'm diabetic but it wasn't a whole bag! I decided to get a cup of whatever coffee was available. Just as I walked into the breakroom a fresh pot was just finishing. It was the perfect complement to my Oreos.

Friendships. I am blessed with good friends. Certainly a big part of the reason I have chosen certain people to be my friends is because there is an obvious connection. Life just seems to send certain people into our lives with whom we feel an immediate and sometimes intimate connection. Sometimes the reason for the connection is obvious and other times there may be a bit of a mystery as to why we feel this connection. I must assume that people who choose me to be their friend feel this way about me. Beyond this inner circle of special people with whom we feel connected, there may be many more with whom we have an enjoyable comfort level. Beyond that there may be a few people with whom we simply do not click and no amount of effort will make it happen. A good friend is a gift to be treasured. People will drift in and out of your life, but if you are blessed, a few will be part of your life forever.

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