Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

This morning my thoughts are with the millions of people in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Some of them are my friends and family. My sister evacuated her New York City apartment yesterday. I don’t know exactly where she is at the moment but I am assuming she went to her daughter’s house in Connecticut. I know the idea of global warming is controversial with many people. I believe in science so I believe we are experiencing global warming and that Hurricane Sandy is a result. This is not to say that it has never happened before. I believe what our modern day scientists are saying is that it is happening now at an accelerated pace. One thing I do know and believe is that our weather is changing in dramatic ways. The droughts, the wildfires, the excessive heat, the killer winters, and the so called super storms were somewhat rare in my youth. I believe all of these things are the result of the increasing warmth of our planet and the breakdown of the ozone layer around the earth. These are just my beliefs. I know some of you believe the opposite and this whole discussion has become a political issue. However, as the Buddha says, “Believe what you experience”. Whether such storms as Hurricane Sandy are normal weather or the result of global warming is irrelevant at this point. It is here and it will significantly affect the lives of millions of people today. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and be grateful you are where you are today.

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