Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's The Deal With Sleep?

I was very happy when my alarm went off this morning and it was finally time to get out of bed. The reason being that I had been awake since 4:00 AM. During this time my brain decided to go into overdrive and I composed about ten daily thoughts in my mind. Unfortunately I cannot remember any of them at this time. Some of them were probably very good. Hopefully, they will come back to me at some point. What’s the deal with sleep? Everyone I know complains about sleep. They either get too little, the quality of what they get is poor, they wake up at all hours of the night, or they toss and turn for hours. Why can’t we sleep? We are all exhausted? Are we so over stimulated, agitated, and stressed out that our biological time clocks are completely out of whack? Why can I sleep like a baby on Saturday afternoons but can never sleep well in my bed? I used to think it was because I am getting older but I hear young people making the same complains. I am often envious of Rip Van Winkle. I am no longer sure what it really feels like to be totally rested and refreshed. I live in a daze but no one notices because everyone else is in a daze too. At this very moment my eyes want to snap shut. In my mind I am singing the song by Chicago called “Wake Up, Sunshine”. I guess the good news is that I can go home in eight hours and take a nap.

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