Friday, October 19, 2012


The older my wife and I get the longer it takes us to get ready for work. We have been waking up together for 38 years. When the alarm clock goes off it’s like a Zombie wake up call. We each get out of bed and head towards our respective bathrooms. I hear a lot of commotion from her bathroom. If you filmed me going from my bed to my bathroom it would look like the evolution of man. I start out on all fours and by the time I get to my bathroom I am standing upright. By the time I get to the office I am usually OK but it’s a journey of a thousand miles from my bed to my cubicle.

Yesterday I was sharing with a co-worker about a time my wife and I went to see our youngest son’s rock band at a local music venue. When we arrived it was obvious to the guy at the door that we weren’t part of the usual crowd so he let us in for free. When we got inside everyone else looked like Marilyn Manson. My son was on stage playing bass guitar. I never saw him that animated before. Now that tattooed rocker is the man in black. He is an ordained Deacon. In May he will graduate from St. Meinrad School of Theology with a Master’s Degree and a few weeks later he will be ordained a Catholic priest. All of this has also been a journey of a thousand miles. Tomorrow my wife and I, assuming we can get ourselves together, will go on a journey of about 75 miles to visit him at the seminary and go out for lunch. It is forecasted to be a beautiful day so I look forward to it all.

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