Monday, October 22, 2012

Visiting My Son

Although it was an overcast day, with occasional light rain, I had a wonderful day on Saturday driving through Indiana and visiting with my son at the seminary. The fall colors were at their peak. Most of the drive was through rural areas so I was continuously in awe of the trees and all the multi-colored leaves. I like road trips in general but I especially like them at this time of year. When I arrived at St. Meinrad all was quiet and my son was waiting for my wife and I in the retreat house. He gave us a tour of some of the buildings where renovation had recently been completed and then we visited his new room. As a Deacon and a 4th year student he is at the top of the pile. As a result he has one of the most coveted rooms. It was very nice, very comfortable, and had a panoramic view of the surrounded countryside. If I get such a room when he puts me in a nursing home I will be very content. When lunch time arrived we drove to a restaurant in Tell City where we had a very nice lunch. Sometimes it is difficult for a father to tell a son how he feels. I am proud of my son and I made it a point to tell him this very directly on Saturday. It’s a wonderful thing to see your children grow up to become decent human beings. When one of my pregnant nieces sent the family an email saying she was looking forward to the journey of becoming a parent, I wrote her back and said “it’s a long journey”. Parenthood is a journey that really never ends as long as you are alive. Even if my son becomes an Archbishop I will still be the higher authority because I am Dad. We won’t even get into the authority of his mother.  Even Jesus did what his mother said.

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