Monday, November 12, 2012

Bringing In The Tubs

This past weekend was the annual “Bringing in the Tubs” weekend. With the assistance of my granddaughter I empties the shed of all our Christmas decorations and put the tubs on my back porch. Chloe assisted me by keeping count of how many tubs I carried in. I also hired a full Gospel choir to stand in my backyard and sing “Bringing in the Tubs! Bringing in the Tubs”! It wasn’t all bad. I got some good exercise and this weekend was as beautiful as you could ever want. It also allowed me to be with my granddaughter who I love more than anything in world. At least one friend questioned me about decorating before Thanksgiving. Here’s the simple answer. Thanksgiving is early this year. The more complex answer is that my wife told me we were doing it this weekend. Our tree is not up yet but my house is starting to look a little like Disneyworld. We want to get everything down before next week because we’re on vacation and we don’t want to do any work while we are off. If you knew my wife you would know she is the female version of Clark Griswold. Even though I look a lot like Santa Claus, if you knew me well you might think I am really more like Ebenezer Scrooge before the ghosts visited him on Christmas Eve night. However, I learned early in my marriage that I cannot fight the Christmas machine that is my spouse. It is a lot easier to simply comply. Even if I openly fought it, I know I would lose.

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