Friday, November 09, 2012

My Employment

This coming Sunday, November 11th, I will be with Humana for 27 years. I was 34 years old when I started here and I am now 61 years old. Some of the people I work with now were not born when I began working here in 1985. It has been a long road. I have spent nearly half my life working here. I was fortunate to get a job here and I am grateful to still be employed here. I have endured, survived, adapted, and outlasted many changes of leadership and focus. Some things feel like they have not changed at all but in other ways everything is different. For example, I have spent all 27 years in the Service Center environment where we basically process claims. I have been in and out of the Medicare world and in a few short years I will on Medicare. When I started working here the internet and all things Microsoft did not exist. There was no Word, Excel, or Access. It was very much a paper environment. Most of the time I have been here has been spent in leadership positions. At one time or another I have managed many different areas and probably hundreds of people. Some of them have become very successful in other parts of the company and many of them have remained friends. I like what I do because it allows me to be a mentor and a teacher as well as a life coach. In addition, I consider much of what I do to be ministry. My son is the one who will soon be a priest but I have also been able to minister to many people in many ways as well. My goal and my plan is to work here until I retire, whenever that is. Humana has been very good to me but I also believe I have been very good for Humana.

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