Friday, November 16, 2012


Like many people I am in amazement that it is already this time of year. I’ve always thought that once Halloween gets here the rest of the year is on fast forward. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. This is mainly because it is a simple holiday for most. The exception to this is the cooks. In my family the culinary responsibility has been assumed by my sister in law, Judy. Although she is a wonderful cook, for me Thanksgiving has never been about the food. I’m really not a great lover of turkey. I like Thanksgiving because it is a time when I can truly think about how blessed I am. The parts of our lives that seem imperfect or lacking can loom large in our minds. Too often we seem fixated by life’s struggles to the point that we don’t always notice life’s blessings. Having a national day of remembrance can be a wakeup call to count your blessings. The least among us has something for which to be thankful. Yesterday I shared some simple things for which I am grateful. There are also many large things that could be added to the list, things like family, friends, employment, health, and basic security. I am also thankful for everyone who reads these thoughts wherever in the world you are. May all of you be blessed this holiday and may your cups be overflowing!

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Melvin Wells said...

I'm like you if I read your post "Thanksgiving" but I think that many people want also to be happy on this time of the year but circumstances as the World Economic Crisis has made that this is not a good time for them and that make me not happy...!